Protect your Car from the Sun and Heat

With summer brings fun and the sun but also high heat. Sun and heat can damage your vehicle over time. One thing summer reminds me of is washing the car with my dad; using a deerskin shammy to dry it off and then waxing the outside. At the time, I did not know why we did it or why we did it so often. However, it taught me if you take care of your vehicle, it would stay nice and look forever new. Waxing your vehicle is just one way to protect your vehicle from the summer sun. A great way to protect the inside of your vehicle is to keep your dash free of dust and use a special cleaner that can keep it from drying out or cracking. Using a front window shield will also reduce the risk of sun, heat damage, and keep your car a few degrees cooler as well. That is the easy part of reducing heat and sun damage. Below I will go over a few other things you should have checked out during the summer.

Air Conditioning: AC is more than important in the NOVA heat. Especially, if you get stuck in commuter traffic. The heat can be murderous. Make sure your AC is charged, air filters are changed, and vents are blowing properly.

Fluids: Hydration is important for your vehicle just as it is for you and me. To work efficiently your car needs various fluids including; transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and engine oil.

Battery: Heat isn’t good for batteries. It is important to have your battery checked out or inspected especially during a heat wave or high temperatures. Cleaning or maintaining your battery’s terminals and tightening the clamps regularly will help keep your battery in good condition and reduce the risk of failure due to corrosion.

Hoses & Belts: Heat can and will your belts and hoses. When you have your oil changed, ask them to do a visual inspection of belts and hoses; this will help reduce the risk of failure and reduce downtime due to repair.

Tires: Whether it’s hot or not, your tires should be checked regularly. This includes rotation, balancing, and checking tire pressure often. Maintaining your tires will not only get you more mileage out of them but also improve safety.

Monitor Gauges: This is an easy one to forget since cars have become better at sending warning signals, but you should always keep an eye on your gauges. This includes your temperature, gas, and speed.

It’s summer have fun, stay safe, and be confident in your vehicle’s condition and ability to handle the heat!

Written by autoshop-dev

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