Certified State Inspections in Falls Church, VA

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Ready For Your Registration Renewal?

For a thorough state or emissions inspection, you can trust the professionals at Ben Nielsen’s Skyline Automotive in Falls Church, VA. Our team of ASE Certified technicians have been providing Virginia State Inspection and Emission Inspection Service for over 15 years. All vehicle components are analyzed with advanced diagnostic equipment. Whatever you need regarding your vehicle’s inspection, emissions, or repairs can be handled by us. Start with our shop because you can be sure to drive away with a passing grade. We get all makes and models ready for the road. Customers bring their vehicle inspection and emissions inspection needs to us because they trust our technicians. The safety of you, your passengers, and fellow motorists depends on the quality inspection services and emission repairs that you receive. Any system that fails inspection will be corrected at our top-notch facility. We’re a one-stop shop for all Virginia motorists.

Diagnosed & Repaired–All Right Here!

Remember that any inspection failure can be diagnosed, repaired, turned into a passing grade, all in one visit. Find out the truth about your vehicle’s safety at our shop and get it ready for the road. Vehicle owners throughout this area make us their go-to destination. You can make sure your vehicle is ready to pass inspections when you come to our facility for any auto service. Expert technicians let you know what potential problems might prevent your vehicle from passing the VA state inspection. We’ll fix problems right then and there if they’re necessary, and we’ll let you know what can wait. In a way, our quality auto services are an inspection before your Official Safety Inspection. This is the benefit of our close attention to detail, vast experience, and advanced technologies.

Schedule a Safety Inspection & Emissions Test

If it’s time for your vehicle’s inspection, come to a certified inspection facility that you can trust. We make the vehicle inspection process as quick and stress free as possible. Have your vehicle ready for the road and ready for registration renewal in one visit. Our technicians are able to handle any system malfunctions that are causing you to fail inspections. Your emissions tests are vital to protecting the environment and fellow passenger. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to test and repair your exhaust system. Give us a call today at 703-845-8477 to schedule your VA State Inspection Service or an Emission Test or repair service. Next time you’re in the area feel free to stop by for your inspection service or emission test. To save time, you can go ahead and schedule right now using our convenient online scheduling system.